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Airnimal make lots of well designed folding bikes from full suspension folding mountain bikes to folding road bikes.
Airnimal Dealers, Airnimal Bike Prices, Details
Bikes: Commuter, Folder, Mtb, Road.
Materials: Aluminium.
Claud Butler has a wide range of popular bikes, including Claud Butler mountain bikes and Claud Butler road bikes. Claud Butler bikes are manufacturerd by Falcon Cycles. Claud Butler also make folding bikes and commuter bikes.
Claud Butler Dealers, Claud Butler Bike Prices, Details
Cube bikes are a German bike manufacturer with a range of high quality road bikes and mountian bikes, both full suspension and hardtail. Cube bikes are relatively new to the UK, but Cube bikes are already available from many UK bike shops.
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Bikes: Mtb, Road.
Dawes offer a great range of affordable bikes. Dawes road bikes and Dawes mountain bikes offer great value for money.
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Bikes: Mtb, Road, Tandem.
DMR Bike make top quality trail bikes and components.
DMR Dealers, DMR Bike Prices, Details
Bikes: Mtb.
Very nice bespoke titanium and steel road and mountain bikes and some top notch components.
Enigma Dealers, Details
Bikes: Mtb, Road.
Materials: Steel, Titanium.
Falcon cycles is also the home of Claud Butler. A large scale bicycle manufacturer based in the UK.
Falcon Dealers, Details
Bikes: BMX, Childs, Mtb, Road.
Forme are a relative newcomer, offering British designed bike that are affordable, practical and stylish.
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Bikes: Mtb, Road.
Materials: Aluminium.
Gary Fisher make mountain bikes with a good reputation. Gary Fisher has been developing MTBs since the early days of mountain biking.
Gary Fisher Dealers, Details
Bikes: Mtb.
Complete range of bikes from this UK manufacturer.
Ideal Dealers, Details
Bikes: BMX, Childs, Mtb, Road.
High performance alloy/carbon road bikes, MTBs and cyclocross bikes from Britain.
Kinesis Dealers, Details
Bikes: Cyclocross, Mtb, Road.
Materials: Aluminium, Carbon Fibre.
Check out the all new Land Rover mountain bikes here. Landrover have been producing mountin bikes for a little while now. As you might expect, Landrover mountian bikes are pretty good off road!
Land Rover Dealers, Details
Bikes: Folder, Mtb.
Lee Cougan focus on specialist mountain bikes, with some nice downhill bikes, aswell as road bikes, commuters and custom hybrids
Lee Cougan Dealers, Details
Bikes: BMX, Mtb, Road.
Moda on facebook Moda on twitter UK
Moda are a small British bike brand known for their premium road bikes.
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Muddy Fox make a great range of mountain bikes from the UK. Muddy Fox mountain bikes are developed with years of experience of making mountain bikes.
Muddy Fox Dealers, Details
Bikes: Mtb.
Niner bikes are an American mountain bike manufacturer with an impressive range of full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes, Niner even make some carbon fibre mountain bikes. Use our dealer list below to find a Niner dealer in the UK.
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Bikes: Mtb.
Materials: Carbon Fibre.
Orange mountain bikes are serious mountain bikes from the UK.
Orange Dealers, Details
Bikes: Mtb.
Materials: Aluminium.
Pace mountain bikes are high performance mountain bikes from the UK.
Pace Dealers, Details
Bikes: Mtb.
Materials: Aluminium, Carbon Fibre.
Mainly trail/freeride mtbs but also some carbon road and track frames. Many quality components also available
Bikes: Mtb, Road, Track.
Raleigh are one of the oldest and most famous bike brands in the world, originally from Nottingham, England.
Raleigh Dealers, Raleigh Bike Prices, Details
Bikes: Childs, Mtb, Road.
UK Manufacturer with a good range of mountain bikes, touring bikes and cruisers to suit a wide range of riders.
Ridgeback Dealers, Ridgeback Bike Prices, Details
Saracen offer a good range of bikes concentrating mainly on mountain bikes
Saracen Dealers, Saracen Bike Prices, Details
Bikes: Mtb.
Schwinn are an American bike manufacturer with a long history. Schwinn are well known for their classic and comfort bikes, such as the Schwinn cruisers. It can be difficult finding Schwinn bikes in the UK, but not here, as we list as many Schwinn stockists in the UK as we can find!
Schwinn Dealers, Schwinn Bike Prices, Details
Bikes: Mtb, Road.
A full range of cycles from ladies and gents mountain, hybrid and dual suspension bikes, to children's bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes and exercise bikes.
Tiger Cycles Dealers, Details
Materials: Alloy, Steel.
Whyte Designs is a UK based bike manufacturer that specialises in developing radical mountain bike suspension systems.
Whyte Dealers, Whyte Bike Prices, Details
Bikes: Mtb.